• Namibia is the largest producer and exporter of raw salt in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • SADC annually imports 81,213 tonnes of caustic soda from China and India.
  • Increased demand for chlorine and caustic soda products, post-pandemic era.


Nuberg Engineering Limited is the appointed EPC (Engineering, procurement and
construction) firm. Calculus Industries and Nuberg have established and fostered a strong
relationship since 2017. A process design criteria session was held in Nuberg’s Delhi
offices, in December 2018. During this session, Calculus provided the desired product suite
and quantities, as per market opportunity. After various iterations and considering
equipment sizing, processes design criteria were attained and approved. The plant design
criteria are as per table 1.

Table 1. Primary design capacity.

Ex-ElectrolyserDesign capacity
Caustic Soda (as 32 % NaOH)156.25 TPD
Chlorine on Dry Basis (as 100 % Cl2)44.31 TPD
Hydrogen on Dry Basis (as 100 % H2)1.26 TPD
Hydrochloric Acid Plant Capacity (as 33% HCl)135 TPD
Caustic Flaking Unit (as 100% NaOH)50 TPD
Sodium Hypo Plant Capacity (as 15% Cl2 basis)(#) 45 TPD
Liquid Chlorine (as 100% Cl2 Basis)16 TPD
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (100% Basis)22.6 TPD
Calcium Chloride granules (as 100% CaCl2 basis)60 TPD
Annual Operating Days330 per year
Remark (#) – This is the continuous production design capacity; however, the unit shall be designed to absorb 15 minutes full chlorine as per safety consideration.